Permanent Australian VisasPermanent Australian Visas

The following Australian visas lead to

Under the Australian General Skilled Migration Program (GSM), applicants use their qualifications, work experience and language ability to satisfy Australian Immigration requirements. Candidates must meet the Basic Requirements and must pass the Points Test.

Skilled – Independent

  • The Skilled Independent Visa is a permanent visa for skilled people wishing to live and work in Australia. The visa grants work and settlement rights for anywhere in Australia, but carries the highest points pass mark of any Australian visa.

Skilled – Sponsored

  • An Australian skilled visa category for skilled migrants who have been nominated by a participating State/Territory or who have a family sponsor in Australia.

Skilled – Regional Sponsored

  • The Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa is a sponsored work visa for skilled people wishing to live and work in a regional or low population growth area in Australia. The Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa is a temporary visa valid for a period of 3 years. After the 3 year mark, visa holders may apply for permanent residency.

Skills Matching Visas

  • The Australian skilled migration category for those who may or may not meet the Points Test and are seeking to be nominated by and Australian State/Territory.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)

  • The Australian Government’s RSMS is limited to certain areas of Australia. It allows employers to sponsor skilled migrants for job vacancies. The RSMS visa provides permanent residency.

Labour Agreements

  • Labour Agreements enable Australian employers to recruit a specified number of workers from overseas in response to identified skills shortages in the Australian labour market. Employees may come to Australia on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

  • Permanent residents entering Australia under the Employer Nomination Scheme have a job waiting for them. Alternatively, you can apply for this visa if you hold a temporary working visa, such as the Working Holiday Visa or a Student Visa.

Family and Partner

  • These visas require sponsorship by an Australian or eligible New Zealand citizen. Children and other family members may apply to join their Australian citizen or permanent resident family members in Australia.


  • Parents may be able to migrate to Australia if they have a child in Australia who is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Business Visas

  • The Australian Business Visa program encourages successful business owners, investors and senior executives to settle in Australia while developing new or existing opportunities in Australian business. Business Visa holders are initially granted a provisional visa and can apply for residency after 4 years.

Resident Return

  • A Resident Return Visa (RRV) is valid for 3 months or 5 years, depending on the circumstances. It allows Australian permanent residents to travel to and from Australia as often as they wish within the validity of the visa, while maintaining their status as permanent residents.