EEA members

EEA members

EEA and Non-EEA Nationals

Alpha Shindara Legal advises European Union nationals regarding the freedom of movement within the European Union and their rights in the UK.

EEA and Swiss nationals have the right to live and work in the United Kingdom. This is called the right of residence. You will only have the right of residence in the United Kingdom if:

  • you are an EEA or Swiss national; and
  • you are working in the United Kingdom; or
  • you are able to support yourself and family in the United Kingdom.

If you have a right to live the in the United Kingdom, your family may join you. Your family is defined as:

  1. Your spouse or civil partner;
  2. Children or grandchildren or you, your spouse or your civil partner, who are under 21 years of age or who are dependent upon you;
  3. The parents or grandparents of you, your spouse or your civil partner.

If you are a student, only your spouse, civil partner or dependent children are entitled to a right of residence.

Other relatives, for example extended family members such as brothers, sisters and cousins do not have an automatic right to live in the United Kingdom. To be considered, the extended family member must be able to demonstrate that they are dependent on you.

If you and your partner are not married or in a civil partnership you must be able to show that you are in a durable relationship with each other.

If your family members are not EEA or Swiss nationals and are coming to live with you permanently or on a long term basis they will need to apply for an EEA family permit before coming to the United Kingdom. The EEA family permit is similar to a visa and is issued by UKvisas. Your family members should make an application for an EEA family permit at their nearest British diplomatic post.


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