UK Immigration – Spouses

If you are married to a person settled in the U.K and wish to apply to join them in the U.K we can advise and assist with the application.

Marriage applications may be made from abroad to the British Embassy or High Commission and in certain limited circumstances from within the U.K.

Applicants are required to produce evidence that:

  • the couple have met,
  • that the couple intend to live together permanently, and
  • that the applicant can be financially supported (the sponsor must show that he earn up £18,600.00 per year minimum)
  • and accommodated without the need to rely on public funds. (Welfare benefits and public housing).

Couple who have lived together as a married couple for four years outside the U.K cannot longer make an application to be granted permanent settlement. They will be granted leave to remain for 30 months and shortly before the end of that period will be able to apply for an extension of 30 months. Indefinite leave to remain (settlement) will be granted at the end of the 60 months period provided that the applicant meets the requirements of the Immigration rules at the time, or otherwise an extension of 30 months will be granted again. The applicant will then be able to apply for ILR after 10 years of lawful residence as a spouse after showing that the marriage is still subsisting and all requirements of the rules have been met.

Most applicants will at the time of applying for entry clearance or extension will also now have to show that they have passed an English test for spouse at level A1 to demonstrate their knowledge of the English language.

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